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Cladding and Facades

Samesor produces manufacturing applications for a variety of cladding products including profiles, panels and facade cassettes for buildings. Samesor can also customise products according to customer needs.

Cladding profiles

Samesor produces efficient and flexible production lines for trapezoidal and corrugated cladding profiles. Samesor offers these solutions as multi-deck lines and as quick-change cassette lines. Roll forming machines for single profile production are also available from us.

High mix - high volume: Quick-change cassette line allows great flexibility in product selection along with high volume output. Low mix – high volume: Multi-deck lines ensure high production efficiency with minimal changeover time and very efficient use of factory floor space. 

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Modern facade construction based on sheet metal technology provides broad potential to create attractive architectural cladding solutions for buildings. Sheet metal facades have many compelling features: they can be installed quickly and easily, and are cost-effective and long-lasting.

Samesor offers machines for producing high quality facade cassettes or panels. We also have a solution that can produce both from the same machine: Samesor® MultiFacade. Samesor production applications take sheet material from a coil and automatically produce panels and cassettes.  

Machines for various flashings and strip profiles used with facades are also available.

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