Sheet metal technology


Samesor - Sheet Metal Technology

Samesor creates production machines based on roll forming technology for manufacturing sheet metal products, particularly for clients in the construction industry. We also work with our clients to develop end products based on sheet metal technology. Our production lines manufacture products such as:

  • roofing profiles and panels
  • light steel frames and members for buildings
  • cladding profiles and panels
  • other components (such as profiles for ridge caps and eaves)

Aerial photo of Samesor's premises  Samesor roll forming machine detail

Samesor is one of the world’s most experienced operators in the sector, with 50 years’ experience in the industry. Throughout its history, Samesor has delivered equipment to dozens of countries worldwide. We are approaching the milestone of 1,000 pieces of equipment delivered. Our staff of over 50 professionals enables us to meet our clients’ varying needs. We provide expertise in areas such as:

  • delivering reliable, efficient Samesor equipment 
  • developing manufacturing solutions and equipment
  • creating end products
  • maintaining the large amount of Samesor equipment in use

Samesor logo on a roll forming machine  Metal roofing: metal roof tile

The power of experience

Samesor collaborates closely with its clients. We deliver both standard manufacturing lines and custom-made equipment. We are continuously developing innovative new products that meet our client’s needs, either by productising our own inventions or by further developing those of our clients.

Our main objective is to provide our clients with efficient tools for maintaining profitable business operations. Our numerous, long-term client relationships are proof of our success. The experience we have gained over 50 years enables us to deliver solutions that precisely meet our clients’ needs. Our continuous development operations also ensure we will keep our place at the top in the future. 

  Experienced staff assembling  Production line operator

50 years of innovations in steel

Samesor's history dates back to 1964, when a company called “Savon Metalli Sorvaamo” was established in Kuopio, Finland. This small company delivered outsourced equipment for local clients. In 1969, the company changed its name to Samesor Oy and began manufacturing machines suitable for making sheet metal products.

Roll forming technology became a key area of expertise for Samesor, catapulting the company to a pioneering position in the sector. Samesor's first production line deliveries took place in the early 1970s. Today, Samesor's turnover is over €10 million, and it delivers sheet metal product manufacturing equipment to clients worldwide.

Our technologies – Your success

Our main goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by delivering efficient production line solutions. We focus on developing roofing sheet manufacturing technology and steel frame construction systems, along with related end products. Samesor possesses extensive know-how related to sheet metal technology, equipment design and product development. This is highlighted by our various tile roofing product patents, as well as technological and software innovations for manufacturing equipment.

Our manufacturing methods allow flexible and expedient equipment deliveries. Our extensive sales network in our key markets provides a highly functional contact network between clients and companies. Our after sales services offer long-term customer support and maintenance operations.

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