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Metal Roofing

Samesor offers manufacturing applications for a great number of metal roofing product designs and types, from roof tile panels or trapezoidal roofing profiles. These are made by Samesor production lines, well-known by their reliability and efficiency. We can also customise the product according to your specific needs. 

Metal Roof Tile Panels

Samesor has extensive experience in metal tile profiles and a broad overview of manufacturing technology, and offers wide range of metal roof tile designs. We can also create completely new product designs and innovations according to specific customer requirements.

In addition to classic custom-length metal roof tile profiles (from ridge to eave), our range includes modular roof tile panels. Modularity provides the freedom to produce roofing profiles as standard length panels, as well. Our production machines for patented modular roof panels are the most versatile metal tile machines on the market and allow great product variation from a single production line.

We also have roofing products with concealed fixing features, such as the patented Samesor® Z-Lock for creating metal roofs with no visible fasteners. 

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Metal Roof Tile Panels Gallery


Roofing and Decking profiles

Samesor produces efficient and flexible production lines for trapezoidal and corrugated profiles. Samesor offers these solutions as multi-deck lines and as quick-change cassette lines. Roll forming machines for single profile production are also available from us.

High mix – high volume: Quick-change cassette lines allow great flexibility in product selection along with high volume output. Low mix – high volume: Multi-deck lines ensure high production efficiency with minimal changeover time and very efficient use of factory floor space.

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Roofing and Decking Gallery