Innovations in steel

Spare Parts & Tools

Samesor highly recommends original spare parts and tools to ensure maximum adaptability and longer life time for the Samesor line. Now with renewed pricing! All spare part services are delivered worldwide. Ask for a customer specific price lists and offers by simply contacting Samesor Service team.

Spare Parts

All original spare parts and components, such as:

  • Hydraulic cylinders, seals and components
  • Electric parts and components
  • Shafts and bearings
  • Motors and gears
  • Power transmission components

Worldwide deliveries - ask for an offer.


All original roll forming, pressing, punching and cutting tools:

  • Pressing tools
  • Roll forming tools (rolls)
  • Straight and shapes cutting blades
  • Punching tools and components

Worldwide deliveries - ask for an offer.

Kits and Kitting Service

Kits are an affordable and customer friendly way to acquire parts to a particular need.

  • Maintenance & filter kits
  • Tool kits
  • Electric kits
  • Survival / back up kits
  • Kitting service according to customer needs

Worldwide deliveries - ask for an offer.

Reconditioning Service

In many cases, pressing and cutting tools can be reconditioned by machining and/or sharpening at much lower cost than purchasing new items. Reconditioning can either be carried out on the customer's premises or at Samesor`s factory. Please contact the Service team for more information.

Tool Exchange Service

Always have reconditioned tools in your warehouse. Our Tool exchange service enables quick tool changes without production losses. Worn or broken tools will be replaced with new ones, whilst the originals are repaired and reconditioned by Samesor for return to your warehouse. Cost effective, carefree and economical!