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Steel Framing

Our range of manufacturing solutions for steel construction include machines for prefabricated light steel frame and element production, as well as machines for purlin production. The key features of Samesor equipment for steel framing are their versatility and flexibility in sheet metal working and roll forming, combined with an easy-to-use control system.

Compact solution to produce light steel frames: Samesor® Prefab Dynamic

Samesor® Prefab DYNAMIC gives ultimate flexibility but yet affordable way to produce Prefabricated C-studs & U-tracks to floor, wall and roof constructions. The web width of profiles is freely and automatically adjustable between 50-300 mm. This allows the construction designer to optimize steel frames to be light but strong enough. No need to be bound with only a few dedicated web width possibility in production. Steel thickness range is 0.7-1.5 mm.

Samesor® Prefab DYNAMIC combines innovative, proven and reliable sheet metal working, roll forming and control techniques which have been used in Samesor® Prefab SUPERIOR and Prefab ADVANCED lines more than a decade. 

For the CAD designing part of Prefab DYNAMIC, world class LSF design software Vertex and Trimble/Tekla can be connected to the system. The footprint of Prefab DYNAMIC fits in to one 40’ container, giving the possibility to move the line to another construction site or work place whenever that is necessary.


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Flexible steel framing: Samesor® Prefab Advanced

Samesor® Prefab Advanced is a CAD/CAM-based manufacturing system that takes advantage of sheet metal technology to produce prefabricated steel frame structures for buildings including residential houses, commercial buildings, social premises, module containers, facade elements etc.

Our solution integrates a 3D-modelling software application and an automated production line into a complete manufacturing system. Samesor® Prefab Advanced produces C/U members and frame elements with all the required sheet working details (sheet thickness range: 0.7–2 mm; profile web width range: 50–300 mm). The line control software offers numerous tools for handling product and production actions, and can also be used to broadly monitor manufacturing data. Samesor® Prefab Advanced boosts production capacity and improves speed and accuracy in building process.

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Steel frames for multi-storey buildings: Samesor® Prefab Superior

Samesor® Prefab Superior permits a brand-new level of sheet metal use in the building frameworks. Samesor® Prefab Superior combines a 3D-modelling software application with a totally automated production machine. C, U, Z and Sigma profiles are produced with all the necessary sheet working details to create a steel framework (sheet thickness range: 1–4 mm; profile web width range: 100–450 mm). 

It is now possible to produce prefabricated members and frames for multi-storey buildings, as well as prefabricated purlins and structures for industrial buildings like halls and warehouses, and framing elements for other needs in building construction – all from one machine. A road from architect's table to the finished steel frame buildings has never been this smooth.

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Samesor Prefab Superior Gallery


Efficient purlin Lines: Samesor® Purlin Superior

Samesor® Purlin Superior line offers a wide range of C, U, Z and Sigma profiles in sheet thicknesses of 1–4 mm for primary and secondary structures for industrial buildings. Our purlin lines are based on the most reliable roll forming and sheet-working technologies and are a great advance in effective purlin production. Samesor® Purlin Superior line gives you great flexibility and accuracy in your production.

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Samesor LGS Purlin Line Gallery


Roof Member line: light and load-bearing trusses and joists

Production of light and load-bearing trusses and joists reaches a new level of output capacity with Samesor Roof Member line. Optimally designed Chord and Web profiles with all the needed joint details are produced simultaneously in separated rollforming machines under a common control. Like our Prefab lines Samesor Roof Member line is also a CAD-CAM based system: manufacturing data for the automated production line is generated in 3D-modelling application.

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Samesor Roof Member Line: Trusses and Joists Gallery