Upgrades & Equipment

Extend the life cycle of your line with Samesor Services, add new features, boost production speed, or change the profile of your existing end product. A wide variety of interface and software upgrades are also available. For more information, please contact the Samesor Service team.

Profile Changes

Needs to change the profile of your end product? In many cases it can be done in an affordable way by updating the tools and components of the existing Samesor machine.

Standard profile update service includes:

  • Designing work
  • New tools and components
  • Installation and testing

Mechanical and Electrical Upgrades

Are you facing challenges in production efficiency, reliability or end product quality? Outdated mechanical or electrical components might be the cause. The resulting continuous conflicts can be solved by updating the needed components.

Interface and Software Updates

Control system, user interfaces and software's of the Samesor machine can be updated to meet today's recommendations. Typical updates are:

  • Windows version updates
  • Remote control updates
  • Control and software updates
  • ERP connections


Complete or partial modernization extends the productive lifecycle of Samesor machines and raises their retail value. Modernization is tailored according to line`s and customer`s requirements.


More speed, more efficiency and less unnecessary production phases. Typical equipments that can be installed to the existing machines are:

  • Decoilers
  • Receiving and turning tables
  • Cutting and punching equipments
  • Conveyors

Please ask for other equipments by contacting Samesor Service team.